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Hello Sunshine! Hello Summer.


It is hot here.  We hit 97 degrees today.

And it is not even officially summer yet.


But how cute is this wreath by I Heart Naptime?


I (heart) it.

I like the sunny colors. It is totally different than anything else I have seen.

You could pick up some orange, yellow and white poster board and make this little number for a song.

Or save time.  Here is the MystiKit.


Tell me whatcha want, whatcha really, really want.

I have a new Pinterest board. And it will be my first board that I will open to other posters.

“Why, pray tell, are ya doing that, Jennifer?” you ask.

Well, friendly reader, because I want to build MystiKits for projects that you have on your Pinterest board that occupy a spot on the that list we all have.

You know the one, don’t you?

The “I-really-want-to-do-that-project…some-day” list.

So pin away.  And I will build a kit.

And maybe, just maybe, I might remove one or two of the barriers to actually doing that project.

Like eliminating the time it takes to drive to Michaels, or Joann Fabrics, or Hobby Lobby to get the stuff.

LIke eliminating the search, search again, and search again to find each item on-line.

Like eliminating the frustration of buying all of the items except one, only to find out I cannot find it…ANYWHERE.

Please tell me what projects entice you…delight you…taunt you.



Ribbon wands for wedding send-off

In April, I celebrated my 10 year anniversary to a wonderful man.

And one day, I would like to renew our vows in a small ceremony.  I don’t want a second wedding per se, but it would be neat to do some of the things that i have seen on Pinterest in another service to commemorate our marriage.

I think these would be beautiful.


I can see walking on the beach with ribbons blowing in the breeze.

Or you could do what this couple did for their Texas wedding and make a bunch of different colors.


Photo by Jenny DeMarco Photography

This MystiKit makes 120 of these little beauties and the kit creator added a selection of ribbon so that you can get the color of your choice.

If you want to see the tutorial, blow on over to Style Me Pretty for the how-to.


Cute little buggers

With summer here, I am on the look out for awesome and inexpensive crafts to make with the boys. I thought these bug magnets were adorable.

bug magnet kids craft-001

Country Chic Cottage made these in a snap and there is no need to be skilled in painting faces. Be sure to click to get the website.

Want a MystiKit for this project?   Click this button ——>   It makes more than 100 bug magnets and so it would be great for a kid’s birthday party or a summer crafter noon activity.

Wickedly cool sci-fi mason jars

I have seen this project pinned hundreds of times.


These glow in the dark mason jars are the bees-knees, but my many attempts to figure out how to do make them always turned up short. I seemed to keep picking the pins that were linked to a photo and not a tutorial.

Well, look no further than “From Panka With Love” for the step-by-step tutorial. And I am a little stunned by how simple this project is.

It is SOOOO cool!

I bet my boys would love to make a few this summer… Heck, I want to make a few this summer!

If you were like me and had no idea where to find the glow-in-the-dark paints and the other stuff you need for this project, look no further than this MystiKit.

I would LOVE to see photos of your completed jars!!  I will feature them in a follow-up post if you send them to me at jchapman (at) mystical basket (dot) com or better yet, share your finished projects on our Facebook page!

Have a great week!


Twinkle, twinkle lights.

Tis the season for out-door entertaining.

Graduation parties.


Birthday parties.



They all look better under strings of lights.

And if you want something that compliments your chosen color palette, this kit from Totally Love It is awesome.  You can find the tutorial here.  This is even something that the kiddos can do to help you.

Welcome to the MystiKit blog…part II

So here we go again…

I decided to move the blog to a new name…MystiKitBlog…because we (MystiKit) are in the business of making it easier for YOU to get the stuff you need to do projects and get it quickly and conveniently.

I will still be focused on Pinterest projects and when possible, I will have a MystiKit.

Thanks for reading!