Wedding Send Off Projects

Planning a wedding? Mystikit offers several choices for the DIY bride and bridesmaids to create a beautiful “send off” as the new couple leaves the reception or church for their honeymoon.  Depending on where the wedding or the reception is being held, different rules may apply for what items are allowed for a send off. For example, some reception or church venues do not want glitter or confetti used, but Mystikit offers an option for birdseed. Other venues prefer no “litter” at all, and ribbon wands may be a great option for those couples. Mystikit offers four featured kits to help make the send off one to remember!

Ribbon wands will make for beautiful pictures in the years to come.


Photo by Julie Tinton Photography

Make sure to view the Mystikit for this send off option, which costs $35.34 and yields 10 ribbon wands. This kit is from Offbeat and blogger Aimee Montanye, whom you can follow on Pinterest.

A second kit offering a different looking ribbon wand is available on Mystikit as well, and costs $102.48, with a yield of 120 pieces for larger weddings. This ribbon wand is from Style Me Pretty and blogger Abby Larson.

Brides and grooms can customize the ribbon wands with their wedding colors, making for a beautiful and colorful departure on their way to their new life.

For those interested in some sparkle, make double use of your wedding program by purchasing the Pocket with Confetti Wedding Program kit.  This is another idea from blogger Sorrel at Offbeat Bride. The bottom of your paper program becomes an “envelope” to hold your send off materials. This is perfect for the couple leaving straight from the church to a reception or honeymoon. The contents of your program can be varied depending on what your  budget, and your venue allows (birdseed, glitter or rice).


No matter what your dreams of departing your wedding or reception may look like, these options are sure to create memorable send offs for a low price and with little time or effort!


BIG news from MystiKit!

Hi there!  So sorry to have been MIA, but we have been so busy these last few months. has released tons of new features.  Here are just a few:

  • You can now provide feedback about kits.  If you purchase a kit and you want to let the creator know how awesome (or not!) it was, you can post that on the kit comments.
  • You can choose alternative selections for materials and tools in your kits.  This will come in handy for kits where not everyone wants the same color or needs the same size of an item.  This is so cool!
  • We have added the ability for you to see how many finished products a kit will create. This feature was in response to our bridal creators who are often making kits that feature several dozen or even hundreds of finished projects.  Now you’ll be able to see that the $125 kit which creates wedding aisle decorations, does it for the REALLY affordable price of less than $11 each.   (Check out the kit for these gorgeous aisle markers from The Fab Housewife.)


And that is just the new features!  We also hosted our first-ever MystiKit contest a few weeks back!  It was so much fun to see the new kits created by our wonderful Beta-testing bloggers.

Rachel Ramey’s blog was the inspiration for the two MystiKit’s seen below.  Her kits were selected to win $100 cash.  Congrats, Rachel!

The first project is a great get-your-hands-dirty project with older children who are budding artists.


Her instructions are great and the kit will yield at least two finished frescos, more if you make them on the smaller side.

To purchase Rachel’s kit, click here or the Buy button below.

Her advent tags were featured on her blog last year, but they are here in plenty of time for the 2013 holiday season.  What a simple and quick way to bring your favorite readings alive in your home.


Click here or the button below, to get this very affordable kit that helps kiddos (and adults) remember the reason for the season.

Again, congrats Rachel!  We look forward to seeing more of your kits and helping you and your readers do more fun projects like these with less hassle.

That is it for now.

As always, happy kitting!

Announcing the MystiKit Kitting Contest

We are pleased to announce our MystiKit Launch Kitter Contest and your chance to win $100 CASH! 
Simply create one NEW project kit using MystiKit by midnight on Friday, September 13, 2013, for your chance to enter the drawing. Additional kits will exponentially increase your number of entries in the following manner:  Kit 1 = 1 entry, Kit 2 = 2 entries, Kit 3 = 3 entries…and so forth. The more eligible kits you have, the greater your chances to win!
One randomly selected winner will be announced on our MystiKit Creators Facebook group and notified via email on Tuesday, September 17, 2013. Payment of $100 cash will made to the winner using PayPal.
To participate, please email: with the following information:
First Name, Last Name, MystiKit user name and blog URL.
Contest Rules
1. Contest period begins on August 15, 2013, and ends on Friday, September 13, 2013, at midnight.
2. You must create a minimum of one NEW kit during the contest period to be entered in the drawing.
3. Previously created kits that meet contest rules will be counted toward your additional entries.
4. All kits must have a corresponding blog post that also includes a “Buy This Kit with MystiKit” button embedded in it.
5. If a new kit is created for a project previously posted on your blog, the project must be reposted in one of the following ways:
a. A new post is created with links to one or all of the new kits/links.
b. Old posts are updated with kit information/links and placed at the top of the blogroll.
6. Kitters associated with MystiKit are not eligible for participation in this contest.
Tip: We encourage you to create kits from existing projects – the project itself doesn’t need to be new – just a new kit! Dust off those old blog posts and give them new life!
Wishing you all the best and happy kitting! 

Back to school supplies…MystiKit-style

While the circulars have not started to arrive just yet, it will not be long before back-to-school shopping has begun.  And I know I am already thinking about it.  I will have THREE kids in school this year.  Forget the cost.   I am dreading the lines and chaos that always seems to come with back-to-school shopping.  And that does not count the multiple stops at different stores because no one store has everything I need.

It appears that I am not the only one.

Blogger Autumn, from My Kind of Introduction, has already gotten the school supplies for her 1st grader’s class put into a MystiKit.  If you are a lucky parent of a class-mate in Candler, NC, you are all set!  One click and all of the paper,  pencils,  crayons and such is en route to you from


And you can enjoy the rest of your summer, sans lines, chaos and cranky kids in the aisle.

If you want to make a MystiKit for your kiddo’s class, email me at Jchapman<at>mysticalbasket<dot>com. We will get you set up with an account and some basic training.  You’ll be the hero of all of the mom’s and dad’s in your kids’ class!


Hello Sunshine! Hello Summer.


It is hot here.  We hit 97 degrees today.

And it is not even officially summer yet.


But how cute is this wreath by I Heart Naptime?


I (heart) it.

I like the sunny colors. It is totally different than anything else I have seen.

You could pick up some orange, yellow and white poster board and make this little number for a song.

Or save time.  Here is the MystiKit.

Tell me whatcha want, whatcha really, really want.

I have a new Pinterest board. And it will be my first board that I will open to other posters.

“Why, pray tell, are ya doing that, Jennifer?” you ask.

Well, friendly reader, because I want to build MystiKits for projects that you have on your Pinterest board that occupy a spot on the that list we all have.

You know the one, don’t you?

The “I-really-want-to-do-that-project…some-day” list.

So pin away.  And I will build a kit.

And maybe, just maybe, I might remove one or two of the barriers to actually doing that project.

Like eliminating the time it takes to drive to Michaels, or Joann Fabrics, or Hobby Lobby to get the stuff.

LIke eliminating the search, search again, and search again to find each item on-line.

Like eliminating the frustration of buying all of the items except one, only to find out I cannot find it…ANYWHERE.

Please tell me what projects entice you…delight you…taunt you.



Ribbon wands for wedding send-off

In April, I celebrated my 10 year anniversary to a wonderful man.

And one day, I would like to renew our vows in a small ceremony.  I don’t want a second wedding per se, but it would be neat to do some of the things that i have seen on Pinterest in another service to commemorate our marriage.

I think these would be beautiful.


I can see walking on the beach with ribbons blowing in the breeze.

Or you could do what this couple did for their Texas wedding and make a bunch of different colors.


Photo by Jenny DeMarco Photography

This MystiKit makes 120 of these little beauties and the kit creator added a selection of ribbon so that you can get the color of your choice.

If you want to see the tutorial, blow on over to Style Me Pretty for the how-to.