MystiKit is a pre-populated shopping cart with all of the materials and tools you need to do a project in one easy-to-purchase spot.  Each kit has been carefully built to give you the confidence that you have the right stuff in (at least) the minimum quantities.  The MystiKit spares you the trouble of wandering all over town looking for each item on the list of materials, wondering if you have just the right tools, not buying enough of something, not being able to find it in your market or spending time in line or wasting gas, only to find out, you got the wrong stuff.

Many of these MystiKits were based on projects created by bloggers, magazine publishers and  DIYers, but anyone can create a MystiKit for anything.

They come in handy for:

  • Kids birthday party activities
  • DIY projects
  • Makeup looks
  • Manicure looks
  • Wedding favors
  • Recipes
  • Themed gifts
  • Back-to-school lists
  • Home decor
  • And tons of other projects

If you’d like to create your own MystiKit, let us know!

Thanks for letting us help you take your projects from an idea to “I did it!”

~ Jennifer


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