Mystikits for a Popping 4th of July!

Looking for some 4th of July BBQ or picnic decor ideas that won’t spark your budget? Check out these cute and easy ideas from collected by Mystikit!

This Vintage Americana Fourth of July decor project will have all the neighbors remembering July 4th of their childhood! Created by Lia Griffith “Handcraft Your Life”  with items collected for you by Mystkit, these great decorations only total about $50! The Mystikit gives you everything you need to create this great look on the 4th, so you can spend more time enjoying the fireworks!


Need a fun project to keep the kids busy while you cook up BBQ and picnic food? Image

Hazel Fly has a great idea for child-friendly sparklers! Mystikit has collected all the needed items for you in a kit that yields a dozen “sparklers” and that costs about $15.

And as soon as the sun goes down but before the fireworks start, make sure to light up your backyard with “Fireflies in a Jar.” The kids will love making these, and love how they look even more! A dozen jars can be made for about $30.


Flowers, silverware, straws and sparklers will look cute and organized in these patriotic mason jars, perfect for table decorations on the Fourth!It All Started With Paint shares the idea, and Mystikit has put all needed items for three jars together for you for about $15.


Happy Fourth of July!


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