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Group or Multiple Yield Kit Project Ideas

Looking for kits to create with large groups for a fun evening or afternoon get together or as part of a larger meeting or event? Here are several ideas for kits that yield multiple items.
Do you attend a book club? If so your reading friends will love making these vintage bookmarks while discussing the latest page turner! These bookmarks by MOPs crafter are easy and simple to make and do not require much time out of an already busy book club meeting!
The vintage bookmark kit yields 24 bookmarks and costs about $52.00 through Mystkit. Enough for two bookmarks apiece for smaller book club groups!
Girls’ Night In? These pretty bird nest necklaces¬†from Sarah Ortega are a fun project for a group of girlfriends or church group to make for themselves or as Mother’s Day gifts for others! The kit yields six and costs about $46 through Mystikit.¬†
Birthday party or preschool craft needed for a raining day play group? Have the kits make (and break!) their own dinosaur eggs!
This kit is from Projects for Preschoolers¬†and is available on the Mystkit site for $8, which makes a dozen “eggs.”
Will they have more fun making the eggs, or breaking them open later? A fun craft for a big group of kids.
We love this idea from Just Short of Crazy – it’s a brilliant way to keep your guests’ drinks straight! Just write their name on the glass – no glass tags to loose and no forgetting which tag was yours after a few drinks have been poured!
The kit makes 12 glasses and is approximately $39 on Mystkit. Happy pouring….and happy kitting!