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Wedding Send Off Projects

Planning a wedding? Mystikit offers several choices for the DIY bride and bridesmaids to create a beautiful “send off” as the new couple leaves the reception or church for their honeymoon.  Depending on where the wedding or the reception is being held, different rules may apply for what items are allowed for a send off. For example, some reception or church venues do not want glitter or confetti used, but Mystikit offers an option for birdseed. Other venues prefer no “litter” at all, and ribbon wands may be a great option for those couples. Mystikit offers four featured kits to help make the send off one to remember!

Ribbon wands will make for beautiful pictures in the years to come.


Photo by Julie Tinton Photography

Make sure to view the Mystikit for this send off option, which costs $35.34 and yields 10 ribbon wands. This kit is from Offbeat and blogger Aimee Montanye, whom you can follow on Pinterest.

A second kit offering a different looking ribbon wand is available on Mystikit as well, and costs $102.48, with a yield of 120 pieces for larger weddings. This ribbon wand is from Style Me Pretty and blogger Abby Larson.

Brides and grooms can customize the ribbon wands with their wedding colors, making for a beautiful and colorful departure on their way to their new life.

For those interested in some sparkle, make double use of your wedding program by purchasing the Pocket with Confetti Wedding Program kit.  This is another idea from blogger Sorrel at Offbeat Bride. The bottom of your paper program becomes an “envelope” to hold your send off materials. This is perfect for the couple leaving straight from the church to a reception or honeymoon. The contents of your program can be varied depending on what your  budget, and your venue allows (birdseed, glitter or rice).


No matter what your dreams of departing your wedding or reception may look like, these options are sure to create memorable send offs for a low price and with little time or effort!