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Back to school supplies…MystiKit-style

While the circulars have not started to arrive just yet, it will not be long before back-to-school shopping has begun.  And I know I am already thinking about it.  I will have THREE kids in school this year.  Forget the cost.   I am dreading the lines and chaos that always seems to come with back-to-school shopping.  And that does not count the multiple stops at different stores because no one store has everything I need.

It appears that I am not the only one.

Blogger Autumn, from My Kind of Introduction, has already gotten the school supplies for her 1st grader’s class put into a MystiKit.  If you are a lucky parent of a class-mate in Candler, NC, you are all set!  One click and all of the paper,  pencils,  crayons and such is en route to you from


And you can enjoy the rest of your summer, sans lines, chaos and cranky kids in the aisle.

If you want to make a MystiKit for your kiddo’s class, email me at Jchapman<at>mysticalbasket<dot>com. We will get you set up with an account and some basic training.  You’ll be the hero of all of the mom’s and dad’s in your kids’ class!