Wickedly cool sci-fi mason jars

I have seen this project pinned hundreds of times.


These glow in the dark mason jars are the bees-knees, but my many attempts to figure out how to do make them always turned up short. I seemed to keep picking the pins that were linked to a photo and not a tutorial.

Well, look no further than “From Panka With Love” for the step-by-step tutorial. And I am a little stunned by how simple this project is.

It is SOOOO cool!

I bet my boys would love to make a few this summer… Heck, I want to make a few this summer!

If you were like me and had no idea where to find the glow-in-the-dark paints and the other stuff you need for this project, look no further than this MystiKit.

I would LOVE to see photos of your completed jars!!  I will feature them in a follow-up post if you send them to me at jchapman (at) mystical basket (dot) com or better yet, share your finished projects on our Facebook page!

Have a great week!



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