How To Rock Your Wedding With A Website

Your guest list loves you but your wedding is not their priority. Even in an era where kids are born with a cell phone in their hand, it is hard to keep in touch. What is really needed is a central location to hold information. How could you the bride know which social media is the best way to communicate with every one? The best option is to generate a wedding website. There are numerous advantages to a wedding website. These will be discussed below.

An Unified Location

The wedding website will be the only place for your wedding facts including the schedule, location, lodging and registries. It is far better than Facebook because not every Facebook friends will likely be attending the wedding ceremony. Additionally, with recent changes in Facebook posting, not everybody will find the wedding Facebook posts. Instagram is the easiest way to share photos, but not a great way to share important wedding details. And Grandma is lucky to be on Facebook and doesn’t even know Snapchat. You can see you need another way to talk to your guests. A marriage website offers a single, centralized spot where all invited will find relevant information and who they must contact when they have questions.

Update The Wedding Website With Venue Information

As soon as you set the date and reserve the venue add that to your wedding website. Put in information about times, parking and of course directions., Will be there plus links to more information. You need to provide links to hotel booking sites that you think are best. All schedules and itineraries can be posted on the website. You should also put information about the reception, rehearsal dinner and anything else you are doing besides the wedding. They don’t have to worry about keeping a hard copy of the information. They can simply look into the website. The site isn’t limited to just being an online copy of the invitation.

Registry Information

Registry information is not part of the invitation package. However, listing the registry about the wedding website allows guests to gain access to it and helps them pick the best gift. People don’t want to bother you about the registry and this will be a relief to them.

The wedding website is the best way to let people watch your couple’s wedding voyage. You can keep a blog to let people know about the latest on the ceremony, honeymoon dreams and other important invents. Posts towards the wedding website blog can be shared with social websites sites so that all can read along. All of this updates turns your website and blog into a single spot for all of your wedding memories.

One of the most exciting times is anticipation of your wedding. But you have many things to keep track of so that you have a success wedding. The details to share is a bride and groom and their wedding guests. From the invitation to all of the events leading to the big day you will all of the stuff that happens along the way. People will need to be informed about the latest on the locations for the ceremony and reception. And where they can buy your registered wedding gifts. And a lot important of all, the date and time period of the wedding itself. You should also make sure to have information about where to stay and things to do for your visiting guests. The wedding website is the best way to do this.

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Designer Inspired Decor Kits

Make sure to check out these DIY designer-inspired kits from Mystikit!

Save some money and have some fun by doing these great projects yourself, and customize colors to suit your needs!

Screen shot 2014-07-29 at 9.28.46 PM








Decorative Cork Ball: This kit is approximately $56 on Mystikit. Use those old corks you’ve saved from special occasions as decoration!

Screen shot 2014-07-29 at 9.28.29 PM






Designer Vases: The vases are pretty ways to lighten up any room. Above: Blue vase, approximately $35Below: Green vase, approximately $35.

Screen shot 2014-07-29 at 9.28.13 PM

DIYers Can Be Mystkit Kitters!

Mystikit knows that the more, the merrier! Even if you do not keep a blog of your DIY projects, you can still become a kitter for the website. All kitters need is an account and log in on the site. Don’t keep those great projects to yourself! By turning your DIYs into kits, you can earn income from kit sales and share your great ideas with others! Take a look at for kits developed by DIYers without blogs who are sharing their ideas or kits based on other’s ideas (but with their know-how) with the world! Fourth of July Party Favors Image Colored Water Play Image   Football Season Party Favors Image



Mystikits for a Popping 4th of July!

Looking for some 4th of July BBQ or picnic decor ideas that won’t spark your budget? Check out these cute and easy ideas from collected by Mystikit!

This Vintage Americana Fourth of July decor project will have all the neighbors remembering July 4th of their childhood! Created by Lia Griffith “Handcraft Your Life”  with items collected for you by Mystkit, these great decorations only total about $50! The Mystikit gives you everything you need to create this great look on the 4th, so you can spend more time enjoying the fireworks!


Need a fun project to keep the kids busy while you cook up BBQ and picnic food? Image

Hazel Fly has a great idea for child-friendly sparklers! Mystikit has collected all the needed items for you in a kit that yields a dozen “sparklers” and that costs about $15.

And as soon as the sun goes down but before the fireworks start, make sure to light up your backyard with “Fireflies in a Jar.” The kids will love making these, and love how they look even more! A dozen jars can be made for about $30.


Flowers, silverware, straws and sparklers will look cute and organized in these patriotic mason jars, perfect for table decorations on the Fourth!It All Started With Paint shares the idea, and Mystikit has put all needed items for three jars together for you for about $15.


Happy Fourth of July!


Father’s Day Ideas!

Dad’s Day is quickly approaching – have you figured out that perfect gift for your kids to make for him? If not, here are a few ideas and Mystikits to check out.

Daddy Art

He’ll love whatever message you choose to create for this project! Daddy Art from Lovely Design makes 12 pieces, one for each child to create several messages, and costs about $15.00. Pictures are framable and a colorful addition for his office or room at home.


BBQ Starter Set

Got a Dad who loves to cook on the grill? Create this BBQ starter set and customize to suit your Dad’s tastes! The kit includes everything one needs to make great BBQ ribs, chicken, salmon, turkey, marinated meats and steak! All items total a little more than $200, but customize to suit your budget and your needs! Dad will love a new grill stocked with these items, or even a basket full of the basics!


Tie Wreath

Feeling crafty? This Tie Wreath is a great way to use Dad’s oldies but goodies and the ties he can’t bear to wear or throw away to decorate your house for Father’s Day!

Image A Good Housekeeping Project made easy through a Mystkit, the project costs about $25 for tools to create it. The ties are up to you — creating a gift Dad will love to see welcoming him home every day!

Desktop Dad Decor

Perfect for little ones, this Dad Pencil Holder from Little Birdie Secrets is available for about $26 through Mystikit. Kids will love to play and create with the Floam that makes up these cute pencil and pen holders. Dad will love their unique designs especially for him.



Happy Kitting….and Happy Father’s Day, Dads!

Group or Multiple Yield Kit Project Ideas

Looking for kits to create with large groups for a fun evening or afternoon get together or as part of a larger meeting or event? Here are several ideas for kits that yield multiple items.
Do you attend a book club? If so your reading friends will love making these vintage bookmarks while discussing the latest page turner! These bookmarks by MOPs crafter are easy and simple to make and do not require much time out of an already busy book club meeting!
The vintage bookmark kit yields 24 bookmarks and costs about $52.00 through Mystkit. Enough for two bookmarks apiece for smaller book club groups!
Girls’ Night In? These pretty bird nest necklaces from Sarah Ortega are a fun project for a group of girlfriends or church group to make for themselves or as Mother’s Day gifts for others! The kit yields six and costs about $46 through Mystikit. 
Birthday party or preschool craft needed for a raining day play group? Have the kits make (and break!) their own dinosaur eggs!
This kit is from Projects for Preschoolers and is available on the Mystkit site for $8, which makes a dozen “eggs.”
Will they have more fun making the eggs, or breaking them open later? A fun craft for a big group of kids.
We love this idea from Just Short of Crazy – it’s a brilliant way to keep your guests’ drinks straight! Just write their name on the glass – no glass tags to loose and no forgetting which tag was yours after a few drinks have been poured!
The kit makes 12 glasses and is approximately $39 on Mystkit. Happy pouring….and happy kitting!

Inspiring Mother’s Day Kits to Create for Mom!

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, but there is still plenty of time to put together something special for Mom! The following kits are great idea for Mother’s Day,  or even any gift for a special someone this spring!

Here’s a cute kit from Wood You Like to Craft, called Mother’s Day Wooden Flower Bouquet. It’s available through Mystikit for approximately $47.45.


Choose multiple pictures of the same child, or photos of different children at different ages to complete this kit!

Miniature Polaroid Magnets are a sweet idea too for Mom, capturing all of her favorite memories of her kids or special events in her life. Displayed on the fridge or a used to hold notes on a metal “To Do” board, they’ll never be out of style! Jennifer Kirk at ‘Ambrosia Creative’ created these adorable miniature polaroid magnets as a way to display some of her favorite moments and memories! Kit yields 20 magnets and is a great craft for teens. Kit is approximately $30.78 and with twenty magnets, provides enough gifts for all the moms in your life!


If Mom loves flowers, but you want to add a more personal touch, this frosted vase from Dabbles and Babbles will give your bouquet a chic flare.

Screen shot 2014-03-30 at 1.41.44 PM


This pretty vase sells for about $27.00 through Mystikit and is easy to make for any beginning DIYer, though suitable for teens and up.

Happy crafting and Happy Mother’s Day!